Flows on the drop, fishing good.

Green River Fishing Report 5/29/21

The flush is winding down and flows are getting into good shape. This will be some of the best flows we will have this year. Flows will be back down to 860 CFS by June 5.

Dry flies:    

We are seeing, and hearing, some good cicadas. Summer hatches are right around the corner. With the dropping flows the caddis should be starting any day now. We have seen a few early PMDs. There are still a few BWOs around with fish up on them in select areas.


Nymphing has been great with these higher flows and will continue to be. The fish are feeding heavy mainly on scuds, worms, crane fly larva, baetis, and caddis.


Streamers are slowing down but on a cloudy day or early mornings and late evenings it can still be very good.

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Green River Flows

Flows will continue to be around 860CFS with bumps in the evening for power and water needs up to 1100CFS.

Current Flows

Current Green River flows:

USGS Water-data graph for site 09234500