Streamer season is here

Green River Fishing Report 12/18/20

Flows will remain 900ish for the foreseeable future with bumps for power generation in the evenings up to 2000. Temps are lower 40’s See the chart below for more info.

Dry flies:    

Mainly midge and a few fall baetis still coming off. Dry’s are slow right now.


Nymphing is hot right now. Scuds, worms, small mayfly’s, and caddis nymphs.


We are getting into prime time streamer season. Look for a cloudy day and go sling some meat!

Stop in the shop and we can pick you out the best selection of flies and streamers for you day.  Any questions? Give us a call. 435-885-3355 

Green River Flows

Flows will be dropping into winter norms over the next few days.

Current Flows

Current Green River flows:

USGS Water-data graph for site 09234500